Maine coon size and weight details

Maine coon size and weight details

As you can see, Maine Coons reign supreme when it comes to size. In fact the biggest domestic cat in the world was a Maine Coon named Stewie who held the Guinness Book of World Records for Largest Domestic Cat, spanning 48.5 inches in length and weighing 33 pounds..

The Maine Coon is a breed that is between big cats – lions, and tigers – and domestic cats. On average, Maine Coon size can get to 40 inches (1.02 m) and weight to 25 pounds (11.34 kg). A normal-sized fully grown Maine Coon is as big as the Norwegian forest cat. As a matter of fact, Maine Coon is among the biggest (largest) cat breeds of..

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The Maine Coon was considered the largest breed of domestic cat, until the introduction of the Savannah Cat in the mid 1980s. On average, males weigh from 13 to 18 lb (5.9 to 8.2 kg), with females weighing from 8 to 12 lb (3.6 to 5.4 kg). The height of adults can vary between 10 and 16 in (25 and 41 cm) and they can reach a length of up to 38 in (97 cm), including the tail, which can reach a..

Biggest Maine Coon Record. One Maine Coon cat named Stewie made it into the 2010 Guinness World Records, achieving the title for ‘the longest cat of his breed’.He measured an incredible 48.5 inches (123.19 cm), which is calculated by measuring from the tip of a cats nose, to the tip of their tail. According to the records, his tail alone measured a gigantic 16 inches..

In general, male Maine Coons are larger in size and heavier in weight than female Maine Coons. Male Maine Coons are likely to reach between 12 to 18 pounds, while their female counterparts tend to be on the “smaller” side at 8 to 12 pounds..

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Visit our exclusive Maine Coon weight chart. This chart contains extensive weight data from Maine Coons world wide!.

A large Maine Coon can be more than twice the size of a ‘normal’ cat. Maine Coon Size Chart. This at-a-glance Maine Coon size chart allows you to compare the average length, height, and weight of males and females to each other and to the average cat. Further along, we compare the Maine Coon size to other popular breeds too..

Since the adult Maine Coon has impressive size and weight, then the kittens of this breed are born large. Cubs of other breeds cannot boast of such indicators. A newborn Maine Coon kitten may weigh 80 g, but this is the minimum value. On average, the young, which are representatives of this famous breed, weigh from 100 to 180 g..

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As Maine Coon cats do not reach full maturity until they are 5 years old, the weight range can be quite large and depends upon many defining factors. However, as a rule adult male Maine Coons are between 6.8 kg and 11.33 kg. Female Maine Coons, being smaller, have a weight range between 5.0 kg to 9.1 kg. These are […].

Likewise an average cat will have have a healthy weight range of between 3.6 to 4.5 kg whilst a Maine Coon’s average weight will be between 3.6 kg to 5.4kg for a female and 5.9 kg to 8.2 kg for a male. Whatever way you look at it, a Maine Coon has a good chance of being a big hefty cat for your home if you own one from a kitten..

Maine Coon Size in Comparison to Normal Cats. A normal domestic short hair cat is fun-sized, weighing less than 10lb and not more than 10 inches in height. The average Maine Coon, at 18 pounds and 10-16 inches tall, positively dwarfs a normal cat in comparison. Even a small female Maine Coon is larger in size than a domestic cat!.

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The average weight of a Maine Coon cat varies from 8-25 lbs. The larger Maine Coons tend to be males, with a weight ranging from 15-25 lbs (6.8 – 11.3 kg). The average female Maine Coon weighs between 8-12 lbs (3.6-5.4 kg). A Maine Coon cats weight is dependent upon their gender, genetics, and whether they are a purebred Maine Coon, or have a..

Maine Coon Kitten Size And Weight HELP - posted in Maine Coon Chat: Hi there, My Maine coon kitten is 12weeks old today and he is 2.4lb and around 60cm long (paw to paw) im just a bit worried that he isnt all that heavy?? My dad has his sister and she is 2.3lb at 12 weeks only 0.1lb lighter than he is. Some advise would be greatly appreciated..

The size of a Maine Coon Cat usually involves the length, weight and height. It takes 3 to 5 years for Maine Coons to reach full maturity. Maine Coons have a unique growth and development, making them one of the largest pet cat cats..

maine coon size and weight trending

In the photo: Maine Coon at the exhibition. Photo:wikipet. How much does Maine Coon weigh? Even at birth, the weight of the Maine Coon kitten is more than the weight of kittens of other breeds. The average weight of the Maine Coon kitten at birth is about 120 grams, but it can vary from 90 to 170 grams - all of these are normal options. Maine..

These Q&A's are all about Maine Coon growth, weight and size. How fast should a kitten grow, recognising overweight or underweight cats. Here are our archived questions and answers regariding Maine Coon growth, weight & size. Just scroll down to read more about: "Recognising the onset of obesity (in Maine Coons)" "Ideal weight" "Size".

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